Monthly Archives: June 2016

Streatham High: Updated appointment booking system

We’ve listened to feedback from patient experiences at Streatham High Practice regarding access, and as such we have decided to make changes to the way in which appointments are offered, as part of our plan to improve patient appointment access as well as to enhance patient choice.

From Monday 11th July 2016, you will no longer be required to call the practice at 2pm in order to book a same day afternoon appointment.

Instead, our afternoon appointments will be pre-bookable, and we encourage you to book online at a time and date that is convenient to you, with the clinician of your choice.

Your Care. Your Choices.

To receive the care that you require swiftly, you can choose from using our Online Services, Self Care information and Telephone Consultations:

Telephone Consultations are available at all of our Streatham GP practices daily, and this allows our GPs to determine your needs quickly.

Telephone triage and consultations have improved access to care for our patients significantly, whilst continuing to deliver high standards and continuity of care.Our triage systems ensures that our patients are referred to the appropriate clinician for the appropriate level of care, within an appropriate period of time. Our GPs will determine if you require a face-to-face appointment following a telephone consultation, and this will be arranged on the same day.

We may ask for the reason that you need to see or speak to a GP when you call for an appointment. This system helps us to establish what treatment is best for you and the most appropriate clinician for you to see.

Edith Cavell: Enhancing your services

Enhancing your services at Edith Cavell Surgery

Your surgery is committed to delivering a high standard of quality care.

We are always looking for ways to improve the service that we deliver, and you may notice some additions to our team soon as part of our efforts to enhance your service and to improve patient access.

Our new team members will include:

Practice-based Pharmacist

  • A clinically trained professional with expertise in prescribing as well as a variety of Primary Care services. Our Practice-based Pharmacist can offer you specialist medication advice and will be proactively reviewing your medications for enhanced safety and effective treatment of ongoing conditions.

Physician Associate

  • A clinically trained professional who support GPs in the diagnosis and management of patients. Our Physician Associate will be able to perform some of your routine examinations as well as to analyse results and diagnose illnesses and to produce a care plan, under the supervision of our GPs.

Our enhanced clinical team will be working together closely, and are fully trained to deal with a number consultations, previously only handled by GPs, for example appointments related to Medication, Minor Ailments and Chronic Illness Management.

On occasions, when you book an appointment with our GPs, our Practice-based Pharmacist or Physician Associate may see you instead. They will be able to help you and will liaise with our GPs. This system offers you more time during your appointment and will help free up our GPs to be available for other patients. Our reception team will inform you if a change is made to your appointment, and will always book you in with a GP if more appropriate.

If you have any concerns or queries, please speak with the Practice Manager.